Produce your content rapidly

The Principles ?

"Rapid learning" refers to a simplified method for designing and producing e-learning content that allows for rapid creation.

It lets trainers and experts formalize and popularize their knowledge through interactive modules; it lets organizations place teaching resources online at low cost; and it helps learners assimilate teaching content that is available at all times (content is sometimes all too rapidly forgotten when it is only provided in the classroom). This method is based on :
  • Easy-to-use rapid learning tools;
  • A design method that we have modeled on the basis of many projects implemented on behalf of our customers;
  • Involvement of trainers and experts who provide support in terms of design, drafting and implementation.

How ?

e-teach provides support as you produce content that can cover the following points :
  • Assistance with the choice of technologies
  • Training and training follow-up in the use of these tools
  • Training in designing online training modules
  • Support with design and implementation
  • Multimedia studio support to help you use the media you need (videos, flash animations, pictures, etc...)

With what ?

e-teach recommends the following tools :