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Why Q-player™ ?

Authors of online evaluations (quizzes) are increasingly adopting IMS/QTI standards to write their quizzes, because they guarantee long-term use. This is where Q-player™ comes in ! This universal reader interprets and displays native IMS/QTI 1.2 files (XML) and the author doesn't have to worry about graphics, navigation between questions or even score calculation.

Seamless integration into your LMS :

Q-player™ slots right into any LMS (Learning Management System) compliant with SCORM 1.2 ou 2004 standards. It handles all aspects of score calculations, time spent, etc., forwarding them automatically to your LMS.
Q-player™ is itself compliant with SCORM 1.2 and 2004.

You benefit in many ways:

  • Quiz authors can rely on established standards (IMS/QTI) but no longer have to worry about the graphics for their quizzes, which are often complex and painstaking: Q-player™ does this for them!
  • No need to wonder whether online evaluations will be compatible with a given LMS - Q-player™ guarantees it without any input from you !
  • Many question types are supported: all you have to do is import your IMS/QTI 1.2 files.
  • Q-player™ runs on Adobe Flash and doesnt require any other specific technology. And it works offline as well !
  • As Q-player™ incorporates the concept of "skins", you can create a specific visual identity for your company.
  • Companies should check out our low rates and install Q-player™ right away.
  • If you are a school or academic institution, Q-player™ is free of charge !

" Q-player™ has revolutionized the way online quizzes are used. Its ability to simplify matters for experienced quiz authors makes this software an excellent training and evaluation tool." - Le Serveur suisse de l'éducation (the Swiss education server)

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The educational version of Q-player™ is available free of charge for schools and other academic institutions. The demo version may be downloaded free and used solely to evaluate Q-player™.

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